The second volumes of my children’s poetry books were published in November 2018. Please click on the links below to see excerpts of these reviews!


Foreword Reviews
‘A great companion for early readers, Toilet Trouble will make its audience want to practice rhymes’
‘The poems are entertaining, putting a unique twist on the outcomes of everyday situations’
‘The juxtaposition of different characters and situations is delightful and compelling’


Reader’s Favorite
‘…the content will make your child want to read more…add this book to your child’s library!’ (Instagram)
‘…written in the vein of the late Shel Silverstein’
‘The short poems and vibrant pictures make it PERFECT for young readers to read on their own or with the help of an adult’
‘If you teach young kids, nanny children, have young kids of your own, or just want a good laugh, check out this cute little book!!’


Reader’s Favorite
‘…an adorable collection of 30 poems that will put a smile on the faces of young readers’
‘The poems are full of life and they have a lot of energy that makes the collection a heartwarming read’
‘…a good book for classroom poetry reading sessions’


Foreword Reviews
‘Take a Hike! contains engaging and educational poems that deliver appealing lessons about language’
‘The poems are amusing, both at their grade level and for adults’
‘The poems are gender-neutral, with topics that will appeal to both boys and girls’


The Crunchy Mama Blog
‘(My children) enjoyed reading this one together and this one was named a top pick for them because of the puns, and the activities in it!’


Reader’s Favorite
‘Brett thought about everything for your child from their cognitive abilities and sense of humor to their imaginations. Add Bedtime Story: Poems for Advanced Readers Volume 2 to your child’s library’
‘Your child will be taken on a wild ride of imagination as they read each poem…’


Foreword Reviews
‘Brett Fleishman’s smart and “punny” poetry collection, Bedtime Story, is aimed at advanced elementary school readers and features humorous wordplay, varied themes, and a strong ending lesson’
‘The poems…are intelligent in their use of wordplay…making the collection a great classroom companion for lessons in English and poetry’
‘The book is a love letter to words and what can be done with them’


The Crunchy Mama Blog
‘My daughter really enjoyed this one. My son enjoyed her reading it to him, and they both laughed hysterically at some of the poems and images!’


Popthebutterfly (Instagram)
‘These are cute little books for your cute little ones!’


theunreadshelf (Instagram)
‘Filled with energetic illustrations, word games, and hilarious poems, the books have given my son and I a LOT of fun while we are stuck inside during winter weather’


The Crunchy Mama Blog
‘My son is six years old and my daughter is ten. They like and recommend all three of the books…3 out of 3 is pretty great!!’

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