Beginner Poems

Beginner poems are designed for parents, grandparents, teachers, and other adults who enjoy reading to young children.
They are also designed for children who are just learning how to read independently.
Most of these poems are short and contain simple vocabulary words.
Below are three sample beginner poems.


Some thought it was weird
When the man with the beard
Kept on growing and growing his hair

‘Look at him. He’s a slob!’
Said a kid, a real snob
‘It’s as if the man just doesn’t care!’

But, these folks never knew
As his beard grew and grew
The old man was completely aware

He was thinking ahead
Now, he never leaves bed
Since whatever he needs is right there


This beautiful kitty
Is playful and pretty
It’s furry and has tiny paws
Of course, it’s a pity
It scratches a bitty
Did anyone trim kitty’s claws?


‘What a mess!’, my sister yells.
‘You better clean your room!’
‘Why’d you try to clean it with a teeny tiny broom!’
She was right so I went out and bought this vacuum cleaner.
My room’s clean so now I’ll thank my sister.
Have you seen her?


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