Funny-Bone-Tickling Poetry for Children of All Ages


My name is Brett Fleishman, and I write collections of goofy poems for beginner (grades K-2), intermediate (grades 3-5), and advanced (grades 5-7) readers.

I published my first three books in 2017:

If the Earth Is Round(beginner series, Volume 1).
Twist and Shout! (intermediate series, Volume 1).
Empty Beaches (advanced series, Volume 1).

I published my next three books In November 2018:
Toilet Trouble (beginner series, Volume 2)
Take a Hike! (intermediate series, Volume 2)
Bedtime Story (advanced series, Volume 2)

So if you are a kid who likes to laugh…
Or if you know a kid who likes to laugh…
Or if you once were a kid who liked to laugh…

Please check out my children’s poetry books.

I hope these poems make you laugh and think at the same time!

Please check out my latest books. All the COOL kids are reading them!