Intermediate Poems

Intermediate poems are designed for children who are capable of reading independently.
These poems average 100 words and often contain play-on-words (puns and idioms).
But, don’t worry…
If any of these puns and idioms go over your head (man, I really like idioms!), that’s OK!
In the appendix of each book are explanations of these play-on-words.
Below are three sample intermediate poems.


 The lemons are sour. The cherries aren’t sweet.
And the eggs in this bowl? They’re upset ‘cause they’re beat.
All the apples are crabby. The onions look stewed.
The potatoes are grating. They’re in a bad mood.
While the fruits and the veggies do angrily vent
Several peaches close by look relaxed and content
They stay far, far away from the ones who are mean
They have pretty good lives, some would say peachy keen



Dad read my report card
After work the other day
He saw lots of F’s and D’s
But not one B or A

Dad tried not to holler
Though his efforts were in vain
‘These grades are horrific.
How’d you get them?  Please explain!’
So I told my father

‘Any A means Awful Work.
That is why I got no A’s’
(I tried hard not to smirk)
Then I kept on going
‘Any B means Badly Done.
There’s no way I’d get a B
Because I worked a ton’ 

Feeling good I told him
‘Any D means Dynamite.
Yes, I got a lot of D’s
I studied every night!’

Last I told my father
‘Any F grade means First-Rate.
Aren’t you proud I got three F’s?
My teachers think I’m great!’

Dad then stated calmly
‘Quite an effort, son, well played.
Please work just as hard next year
When you repeat third grade!’


Ella finished boarding school
Then met her one true love
Matthew Vader was his name
He fit her like a glove

Matthew was the sweetest guy
He took great care of Ella
When it rained he’d flip his coat
To make her an umbrella

 One night after dinner
Matthew knelt down and proposed
Ella shouted, ‘Yes, of course!’
She barely stayed composed

Just before their wedding
Ella said something in shame
She told her fiancé
‘I would like to keep my name’

Seeing Matthew crying
Ella felt like such a traitor
But she had no choice
She couldn’t end up Ella Vader

Matthew said he understood
‘That would look strange in print!’
So she kept her maiden name
Yes, she stayed Ella Fint!

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