Intermediate Poems

Intermediate poems are designed for children who are capable of reading independently.
These poems average 100 words and often contain play-on-words (puns and idioms).
But, don’t worry…
If any of these puns and idioms go over your head (man, I really like idioms!), that’s OK!
In the appendix of each book are explanations of these play-on-words.
Below are three sample intermediate poems.


The game starts off normally, at the beginning
Then, something strange happens in the third inning

Once the umpire shouts out, ‘Let’s play ball!’
The first batter, confused, finds no home plate at all

Right in front of the catcher, not far from his face
Sits a large clump of dirt where there once was a base

Someone’s taken home plate! It’s clear this base was stolen!
Who stole the plate? Brady, Jalen or Nolan?

Turns out that Jalen’s not manning left field
He is off to the side. Near the stands, well-concealed.

Yes, he’s sitting alone, off in foul territory
(Why is this Jalen a part of this story?)

Underneath Jalen, of course, is home plate
Yes, he did steal the base. That’s not up for debate.

Once the ballgame resumes, after this brief delay
Jalen’s stuck on the bench. Punished for his foul play.


Dad opened my report card after work the other day
He saw three F’s and then three D’s, but not one B or A

Dad rubbed his fingers on his head, as if he were in pain
He said, ‘These grades are terrible! I need you to explain.’

So, I explained to dear old Dad, ‘An A means Awful Work.
Of course, I didn’t get an A!’ (I tried hard not to smirk.)

Dad looked confused as I went on, ‘A B means Badly Done.
There’s no way I would get a B because I worked a ton’

I focused on my top three grades, ‘A D means Dynamite.
It’s no surprise I did so well. I studied every night.’

And, then, I let my father know, ‘An F stands for First-Rate.
I knew I’d get a lot of F’s. My teachers say I’m great!’

Dad calmly turned to me and said, ‘Nice effort, son, well played.
Make sure you work as hard next year when you repeat third grade’


Ella finished boarding school, then met her one true love
Matthew Vader was his name. He fit her like a glove.

Matthew was the sweetest guy. He took great care of Ella.
When it rained, he’d flip his coat to make her an umbrella

Proud to be her guy, excited, Matthew soon proposed
Ella shouted, ‘Yes!’ The girl could hardly stay composed.

Just before their wedding, Ella said something, in shame
She told Matthew, ‘I would really like to keep my name’

Seeing Matthew frown, the girl felt like a giant traitor
But, she had no choice. She couldn’t end up Ella Vader.

Matthew, later, understood. Her name looked strange in print.
So, he told her, ‘Keep your name.’ So, she stayed Ella Fint.